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Sweden Law Firm

Sweden Law Firm

Updated on Wednesday 13th April 2022

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The main advantage that you can enjoy calling our lawyers in Sweden is materialized in the professional work and strategies that we approach for obtaining the best results in your favor.
The experience that our team has accumulated over the years today is manifested in our ability to expertly handle the most complicated cases in different branches of law. We have been able to assist our clients in situations where other legal teams would not get involved due to our extensive knowledge of Swedish law.
Another very important reason for working with our law firm in Sweden is that we have an entire team of professionals that covers the entire field of law and related areas, such as accounting, mediation, and others.
When you contact us, you do not hire just one lawyer, but our entire team. This has made us one of the references when it comes to having experienced lawyers no matter what branch of law we are talking about. We have professionals trained extensively in the main legal specialties.
As a consequence of the specialization of our team, today we are able to assist local and foreign clients with various cases ranging from commercial law to debt collection and litigation. We are a one-stop legal shop for people looking for exceptional quality service.
The fact that we are a team constitutes an additional guarantee that any problem you would face is solved by a competent professional, specialized in finding the best solutions for your certain case.
Our team of lawyers in Sweden combines enthusiasm with the strength achieved by the experience gained in each case solved for every legal field in which we operate.

Assistance in setting up a business in Sweden

One of the main reasons why our clients look to us is for issues related to commercial law and starting a business in Sweden. It is in these types of scenarios that our experts can help alleviate the paperwork involved in starting a business in this country.
There are several factors to consider when starting a business in this jurisdiction. From the type of legal structure that is best to create to the details and paperwork to deal with once the company is registered. Our attorneys in Sweden can help you through the entire process.
Even though opening a company in Sweden is not a hard task, it is better to ask for specialized advice as there are certain steps that must be followed and you will also need to submit specific documentation. In this sense, you should contact our professionals for advice and we will guarantee successful results in optimum time and conditions. 
Even if you are an experienced businessman who knows very well the general notions of what it entails to do business in this country, having a law firm in Sweden will always give you the advantage of having local specialists who know better than anyone else what unforeseen issues you may encounter in practice.
In that sense, having the right team of experts by your side can make the difference between an endless and frustrating process and a quick and smooth process. Having expert advice should not be something to skimp on when the stakes are high.
Our lawyers are ready to guide you to register your business in any legal entity available in this country and they will also sustain the growth process of your company by providing continuous legal advice for any problem you would encounter in the future.

Debt collection processes presented by our lawyers in Sweden

Are you involved in a debt collection procedure? From this point on our lawyers can come in charge to recover the debts, by creating and applying appropriate strategies in accordance with the law’s provisions.
Debt collection cases are no stranger to our team's expertise, and they are certainly quite common also for international entrepreneurs involved in very important commercial activities.
These types of processes can take more time and energy than one may think, so finding the best strategies with the help of our lawyers in Sweden, for the purpose of saving resources is crucial.
There are several avenues and instances that you can try in a debt collection process, but each case is usually different. Having a law firm in Sweden with proven experience in the matter can help you recover your money without going through so many headaches.
We will sustain you in each step, from the letter of demands, negotiations, representation before the court, to further procedures, such as attachment and seizure of assets and our lawyers will also draw up all the needed documentation. 
We are also at your service with virtual office address services in Sweden.

Closure and liquidation of companies in Sweden

If opening a company is not so complicated, closing your business is a demanding procedure, which usually involves several steps, including liquidation, deregistration, and in certain cases declaring bankruptcy.
Going through all these steps on your own and not making a mistake is an almost impossible task to achieve. Most of the processes of closing and dissolution of companies require the assistance of experts who know the local law from top to bottom, so it is always recommended in these cases to have the support of a law firm.
In legal proceedings, a mistake can be quite costly. Closing a company does not escape that reality. The Swedish authorities have set specific and strict requirements that must be followed to the letter in order to terminate a company's business activity in a proper and compliant manner.
This is why you should work with our experts to find the best solution for you, in accordance with the law’s provisions. You should also be aware that this procedure requires time and resources and working with a specialized lawyer in Sweden is the best solution for closing your business.

Litigation and representation in court in Sweden

One of the scenarios where it is most crucial to have the help of lawyers is undoubtedly cases involving litigation or a trial before the national authorities. Preparing a case, evidence and defense is not something that can be taken lightly. To succeed in situations like this, you must have a qualified team on your side.
Among the services we can assist our clients with is representation before national courts in various cases. Our team is made of professionals with extensive experience in front of the court who can make a difference in these situations.
Our law firm in Sweden can represent you for any type of litigation by producing and formulating applications to be submitted before local and national authorities, public institutions, and full representation before any court, in order to protect and defend your rights and legitimate interests. We can also help you if you need assistance in order to immigrate to Sweden through our local immigration lawyers.
If our lawyers in Sweden engage to assist and to represent you in any legal procedure, you will receive a thorough grounding cases, files and projects promptly and in accordance to the nature of your case.

Legal assistance in tax matters in Sweden

Tax planning is one of the most important issues for any entrepreneur or investor. We also have experts in tax matters in our team of Swedish lawyers. They are responsible for helping our clients, generally, investors and entrepreneurs, to plan their tax optimization strategies.
Taxes in Sweden can become complicated if you don't give them the attention they require. Luckily, there is always the possibility to count on the help of our team of lawyers. Our professionals have a remarkable track record in tax planning and optimization strategies for different profiles of international entrepreneurs and investors.
Tax compliance is an essential issue for your company and you should also pay attention to any financial matter for your business. We work with competent accountants and financial analysts, being able to offer you a wide range of services in the financial area, from VAT matters to paying mandatory taxes, payroll services, financial reports, and analysis.
We also sustain foreign investors by guiding them to apply for the avoidance of double taxation. The country has signed several Double Tax Treaties with other countries for supporting foreign investments and by working with our experienced lawyers in Sweden we can offer you assistance for not paying taxes both in Sweden and in your origin country.  
We also invite you to watch a video on our services:

Sweden economic indicators

Living in Sweden is an option for international investors for several reasons, among them:
  • An inflation rate that does not exceed 1.8%.
  • A GDP per capita of approximately $55,000
  • A personal income tax rate of 12.2% (quite low compared to others in Europe)
  • It is ranked 21st among the countries with the greatest economic freedom in the world.
If you want a comprehensive legal team that can help you in different areas of Swedish law without you having to worry, contact our law firm in Sweden right now to talk to one of our experts.